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Our company, yoo WC Ltd, saa mobile toilet service provider which is the market leader in Hungary, is committed to the pursuit of social and environmental benefits.

Social responsibility is an integral part of our business strategy.

Corporate Social Responsibility includes:

Environmental sustainability:
- among which we promote the importance of the environmentally conscious behavior of our employees and implement our developments and investments in accordance with the highest environmental protection requirements;

Equal opportunities at work:
- in which we actively support the participation of women, career starters and persons belonging to minorities in various work processes;

Ethical business conduct:
- we respect the rights of our employees; we have developed orderly internal labor relations, a secure workplace and an appropriate environment, and we contribute to the development of the economy through ethical behavior by supporting the quality of life of the local community and society;

Sports and cultural support and community involvement.

Our goal is to support business intentions that bring not only economic but also social and environmental benefits. Our company has a vision and values that, as part of its business strategy, take into account not only the workplace atmosphere, but also community involvement, the development of the local economy and market and environmental impacts.

The Corporate Social Responsibility policy and the positive returns of our company, which are governed by high ethical standards, strengthen our business position in the market and facilitate long-term cooperation with our partners and customers.

School helper

For the support of the György Radványi Vocational High School
With the continuous financial support provided to the György Radványi Vocational High School (Gyula), we make a significant contribution to improving the quality of education.

For supporting the International Guide Dog Meeting.
2003-ban és 2004-ben díjmentes szolgáltatásainkkal támogattuk a „Nemzetközi Vakvezető Kutyástalálkozót”, melyet a Vakvezető Kutyával Közlekedők és a Vakvezető Kutyakiképző Iskola közösen rendezett.

For the support of the German School of Nationalities and Arts
Évek óta rendszeres segítséget nyújtunk a pilisszentiváni Német Nemzetiségi Általános és Művészeti Iskola „Pilisszentiváni nap” rendezvényéhez.

Organized by the Pilisvörösvár Municipality, our company regularly contributes to the summer camp of disadvantaged children.


For the support of the Hungarian Shidokan Karate Association.
Over the past 3 years, with the help of us, the competitors of the Hungarian Shidokan Karate Association have reached several international competitions and have been able to enrich the list of Hungarian martial arts successes with several winning titles.


The Hungarian Business Leaders Forum was set up in 2004 to support the Media for Society event. „Média a Társadalomért” rendezvényt anyagilag támogattuk.

Az Adorján Endre Tűzoltó Egyesületet a társadalmi felelősségvállalásunk iránti elkötelezettségünk javára támogattuk, a sikeres „Tűzoltó Viadal” rendezvényük lebonyolításának érdekében.


Our company strongly supports the fight against breast cancer.

A healthy lifestyle plays an important role nowadays.

Támogattuk a Magyar Rákellenes Liga kezdeményezésére alakult kampányt, „EGÉSZSÉG HÍDJA” amely a rendszeres szűrésre hívja fel a nőtársadalom figyelmét.


New Hungary

Technological development of micro, small and medium enterprises


  • Contents: HIDR.KIT.30kw 2090220 hydraulic system
  • Applicant: former company name of yooWC Kft. Central office 1021 Budapest, Tárogató str. 87-89.
    Location: 2085 Pilisvörösvár, Szent László str. 13.
    Phone: 26-530-630
  • Intermediate body: Mobile Power Hydraulik Kft. 1174 Budapest, Táncsics str. 45.
  • The project was supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
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